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Jagged Straits of Conformity

The proliferation and irrepressibility of the new pen – that unseen instrument (whose effects you do currently experience) which has laid an undeniable claim to the intellects of common and uncommon men – has not gone unnoticed by your reluctant host. Inscribed by light and logic, these transient pages of an ersatz universe have come to replace those two great brothers in publication, Ink and Paper; how quaint and hoary they seem now! I, Turbin Shankweather, did rail long against the usurpation of those inseparable twins in expression, those formerly hale bulwarks of correspondence, but, alas, the wretched, misguided tide of progress proved too strong for even the most allegiant Luddite, and it is with contempt that I embrace the new Zeitgeist. The desire to cast broadly certain gems of sagacity and wit with which your apologetic host has been blessed outweighed the belief in the predominance of the old way, the passing to and fro of pulp and circumstance. Incurvatus in se? Perhaps, but what participant in the new discourse can claim otherwise?